Posted 18/11/2019 Held at the IMI Head Office

Hi Kim,


Please find the feedback for the Bodyshop Management course from Iftikhar Arshad below:


The course was absolutely amazing.


I learnt a lot from Ray, he is amazing and I will keep coming back until I learn to talk like Ray. I want to become a part of motor industry and become a member of the IMI. The course and the facilities were amazing.

What I learnt on that course was absolutely unbelievable and it has changed the whole vision of myself and my business. Thank you Iftikhar Arshad


Another happy attendee.


Franchise and Independent Owners Managers and VDA's. Our next one is on February 4th. We would love to see you there.


They did...


Posted 12/1/2018 Held at the IMI Head Office


Hi Kim,


I found the course to be well structured and the content really opened up my mind on matters surrounding the subject. 


It has assisted me in my role as an area manager for the National Body Repair Association. When I speak to my members I can share many of the ideas that Ray spoke about. 


I can't fault the location and hospitality for the venue. 




Michael Wicks 




19th October 2016


From Delegate - Frixos Charalambous


Good morning Heidi


It was lovely to meet you yesterday, I liked what I saw of what you guys are doing at Fanshaws, please stay in touch.


As promised, a few words regarding the course which I am happy for you to attribute to me:


Thought provoking and informative, this is a course that everyone involved in bodyshop should attend at least once in their careers. The content was rich and diverse for a one day course which also helped to keep it moving along. I found Ray's choice of film during lunch provided a very useful insight into how shop floor challenges affect the bottom line and the accompanying handouts and CD alone are well worth the price of the course. Being able to leave with a CPD certificate was a nice touch too. Well done IMI.



Frixos Charalambous

Exan Accident Repair Centre  392 Camden Road  London N7 0SJ    

From Delegate – Adrian Davenport


Good Morning Ray


I really enjoyed the day it was time well spent.


It’s surprising how many of the topics that are already on my radar, but your course helps bring the important things to the forefront.  Each shop will have different priorities.  I might be interested in getting you to come on site and do a condensed version for key staff focusing on the things we feel are most important in developing our business.


A lot of valuable content covered on the day, whilst being very informative, delivering the important messages.






Adrian Davenport MIMI

Operations Manager


Twickenham ARC


Fix Auto Feltham 










From Delegate – Andy Watson

Hi Ray,

As per telephone call,

I really had an informative day and it refreshed some things that I had almost forgot.


I have applied some of your content, back into practice in my day to day routine. The videos you showed were very relevant, even though not related to the same industry, but such, they highlighted somethings I needed to address.


The accounts side have always been a weakness for me, but the more I get shown and explained them, and in the detail you go into, its starts to make sense.  I think this a very important part of management and without knowing the key parts of accounts I can't see how you can be expected to get the results that are needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and meeting the different people within the course.


All the best


Andy Watson AMIMI, aff.Inst.A.E.A.



From Delegate – Anne Cox



Hi Ray


I think you could run two separate courses following on from this course, one for Bodyshop Management - how best to manage staff and get the best out of them to increase throughput, and another on Bodyshop Financials.


I really enjoyed the course and learnt some new ideas on how to help measure my customers profitability.


Kind regards


Anne Cox


Business Development Manager Grove Group





From Delegate - Adam Nanyn


I attended the Bodyshop for Profit course held at CAA by Ray last month. I attended this course as I am a HGV repairer trying to learn how to be more efficient within the insurance/management world of repairing.

It was a fantastic eye opener for me as Ray showed me ways of improving efficiency and moral with in my company in ways I didn’t think was possible. The knowledge Ray has, is second to none and his advice to me personally has already proved invaluable.

There is a lot you learn in the one day and I am always looking for way to implement my new knowledge in to the business. This is a course I would recommend to any bodyshop owner/manager.


Adam Nanyn Managing director

C and C Vehicle Services


Mark Garnham from accident management company CAA - gives this testimonial

                “As a part of our commitment of continuous service improvement, we held three training days with Bodyshop Consulting for our Approved Repairer Network during 2014.
Ray came highly recommended from the IMI and in conjunction with the course detail, provided clear direction and additional insight for all attendees. We will therefore have no hesitation in appointing Bodyshop Consulting for further programs and would highly recommend to anybody considering undertaking a similar exercise.”


Mark Garnham MIMI

Networks Manager, CAA.


From Dave King, Director Carbody Banbury Ltd, Independent Bodyshop


Carbody Banbury Ltd has adopted the Eye-Load management tool, enabling us to offer reduced cycle times and on-time delivery. Ray Jenkins was first responsible for its implementation and now the on-going support. In the present economic climate one would be well advised to cut out all but crucial expenditure and one could be forgiven for considering consultancy a luxury.


However, we have enjoyed a measured benefit to Ray's monthly visits and have proved a good return on investment. Ray's analytical approach to problem solving is reassuring and he typically delivers solutions and strategies in a gentle and intuitive style. Ray is seen as very much part of our 'thinking' team and we would be weaker without him.


Dave King


Want to know what Dave knows?


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